Home Reports

Aug 2020 / 1 week / product designer / Team project

An energy reporting feature designed for the Google Home mobile app. The aim is to provide smart home users with insights on their appliances' water and electricity usage in an effort to optimize energy efficiency. I completed this remote design sprint together with two other product designers as part of Drawerrr's global Product Design Competition, where we were awarded 3rd place for our solution.


Most homes continue to use large amounts of energy

As a way to help with energy efficiency, many smart home appliances have entered the market to offer consumers with more sustainable options. When used optimally, smart products like lighting and thermostats can help save up to 30-40% of energy – and their popularity is growing fast.

It is estimated that in 2021, about 1 in 4 households in the US will be fully smart homes. And to help control and manage these smart appliances, many have turned to the Google Home mobile app.

However, like most smart home managing apps, Google Home does not provide a way for users to get insights on the energy consumption of their smart products, along with tools to help reduce energy usage. This in turn makes it challenging for many to make the most out of the energy-saving capabilities of their smart appliances.

How might we support smart home users to optimize the water and electricity usage of their smart appliances in order to reduce energy consumption?
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